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First leak from IAME's upcoming "Lame$tream" album (Available for free/name your own price on April 3rd).


This that Smoke M2D6,
You feel the EarthFire that smolders beneath these kicks
You can't extinguish,
I fight against the pendulum, with Momentum,
against the grain, release adrenaline
and fits of rage,
twisted, criminally-insane sinister,
fist to the pavement,
I don't flinch from the pain..
I just get a RUSH -
not Limbaugh, I rip a limb off you when in such
a frenzied state,
and I don't even have friends today,
just real family like Zeb since day - one,
brotherhood was extended and reciprocated,
Now almost 7 years later, and we still get faded,
Shoot the shit the same way, almost verbatim
as we did in the Couv, drinking 'til the early AM, (you remember?)
Hit the Muchas Gracias 'bout 4
I'd kill the last of the Pabst and pass out on his floor,
but uh,

Out with the old, In with the new shit
Lame is the future, friendly to the user,
Any trouble and I'll shoot ya,
End task, Reboot - all you've been reduced to

Is a quick fix, a couple quick clicks,
and that's it, you ain't slowing the progress

a quick fix, a couple quick clicks,
and that's it, carry on with the process

WORDS.. Lame is a word processor

...I'm just a nerd I guess
I'm never gonna get that 4.0
when it comes to street credit,
but I learn more and more as I get old,
exactly what regret is,
I mean I coulda had a degree
I used to look at these broke rappers admirably,
and school takes too much accuracy
I get fucked up and I don't care what happens to me,
but now the drinking don't work,
I still feel my inhibitions
So I'm sipping Irish whiskey while dwelling on failed missions,
like all the shows I've done drunk and forgotten lines
(yeah but I do that sober)
No wonder I haven't gotten signed (oh well)


I'm such a nerd I confess..
Like Kesha - tick tock on the clock,
pop with the reference,
hip hop 'til I'm dead and it's
benevolence met with irreverence,
yall could give a fuck what I say -
I revel in this,
Heaven metal still the weapon of the rebel yell
FREEDOM like Mel did, before his death sentence,
IAME - I've been dropping fresh shit since
2003, now that's what independence is..



released February 6, 2012
Produced by Smoke M2D6. Scratches by DJ Delay. Mixed & Mastered by Zebulon Dak @ Momentum Studios (Portland, OR).



all rights reserved


IAME Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon based emcee (and sometimes producer), representing the following groups, crews and committees: Sandpeople, Oldominion, McJameson, Heaven Noise Recordings, PTA, MADD. Out here, getting it in..

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